Lizzy Carter is the proud mama of 4 amazing children. Big Man, born in 2009, is very much the doting big brother. Protective of his younger siblings, he will kick ass if he needs to but is a loving and sensitive soul. Most likely to be playing out on his bike if he can be torn away from his Xbox. 

Baby Boy, born in 2012, is her Hemi Hero! He has a form of Cerebral Palsy, called Hemiplegia, due to a stroke he suffered during the pregnancy. You can read a bit about that here. Although he's had a tough ride, he is always smiling. He is cheeky and mischevious and loves to sing at the top of his voice. 

Little Miss, born in 2014, is a boisterous bundle of love. She is Baby Boy's partner in crime. She loves singing along to her favourite songs and practising her ballet positions.

Baby Girl, born 2016, impatient from the start. Lizzy's waters broke at 32 weeks, which resulted in Baby Girl arriving 7 weeks early, on her big sister's 2nd birthday! With her mass of auburn hair, she has the most amazing bed head. 

When Lizzy isn't working as an administrator, she is at home in Cheshire with her family.
Since hitting 30, Lizzy has decided to set herself some serious life goals. Starting with her blog. After months of umming and arring, she decided to go for it. Little Miss was the mastermind behind the name.
Another of Lizzy's goals was to become a healthier version of herself. Joining the gym, attending workout classes and seriously reducing the amount of crap she ate and upping her water intake. It is not all clean eating in the Carter household though, the reformed chocoholic will be the first to admit she still likes the odd treat or 3.